Rel prob

Ako ang nakikita
Ako ang nasisisi
Ako ang laging may kasalanan

Dec 4

Minsan, hindi mo naman talaga kailangan ng kausap, kelangan mo lang ng makikinig.

Love is….. LOVE. :))

Love is….. LOVE. :))


Who would have thought, one year and one month ago we were just 8 pesos away from each other. We never had a chance to be on the same bus, jeep o fx man lang. Til one fine afternoon I stalked your facebook page and commented to a post. And since then we became inseparable.

You came into my life unexpectedly. And I never thought i’d fall this hard for you and here i am wanting no one else but you. Thank you for coming into my life, for being my constant source of happiness, strength and inspiration, for always bringing out the best in me, and for the unconditional love we’re sharing.

As we turn one year and one month, let me promise you that as days unfold it will always be me and you. Hindi ka nagiisa sa laban na ito gf, dalawa tayo.

Even though somewhere within my heart I have always known it, now I’m sure of it more than ever. Now I know with absolute clarity and certainty that you were meant to be mine, whether you accept it or deny it. There could have never been another one for you, or me for we complete each other. We are so perfectly in sync with each other that it is amazing at times and I can say with honest pride that you are the best thing that could have ever happened to me. I love you.


Thank you.. I will fight. We will.

I love you always my labs! ❤❤❤

Jul 5


Why do I love you?
Maybe it’s the way you walk or maybe it’s the way you talk. Maybe it’s the way you look at me or maybe it’s because I know that my heart would break if I ever see you walking away. Maybe it’s how you chose to carry yourself, or maybe it’s because of the way you say my name. Maybe it’s the way my heart skips a beat whenever I see you or maybe it’s your unique personality. Maybe it’s your fiery touch or maybe it’s because I love the way your hair falls. Maybe it’s because you make everything in life worth living for. Maybe it’s because I can truly be myself whenever you’re around. Honestly, there are so many reasons why I love and adore you, one feeble paragraph won’t ever be enough to describe how amazing you are to me. But one thing for sure, I love you because you’re you. You’re incredible, magnificent, and simply perfect in my eyes. I love you because you’re mine and I love you because my heart won’t let me feel otherwise.

I love you gf. To the moon and back :)

Jul 4

K Benito

Ako na ata ang pinakamalungkot na tao ngayon. Sa dami ng issues ko sa buhay hindi malayong mapagod at magsawa ka. Kalabisang makiusap na wag mo akong iiwan. Dahil hindi naman maganda ang mga pinakita ko sayo.

Hindi madaling maging ako. Kaya mas lalong hindi madaling mahalin ako. Hindi ka nagkulang. Wala kang pagkukulang. Walang perpekto, pero pinakita mo sa aking pwede.

Ayaw kong mawala ka sa buhay ko. Ikaw lang ang minahal ko ng ganito. Mahal na mahal kita!!!!

Jul 2
While others collect minions.. 
I collect ninjas.

While others collect minions..
I collect ninjas.

Yellow team.

Yellow team.

Apr 4


my hobbies include sleeping and disappointing everyone close to me

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